3D Printer + MacMini

Been wracking my brain trying to get AstroPrint or OctoPrint working reliably with my 3D printer so I can do prints wirelessly…

…then I thought.

Why bother with a Raspberry Pi! I have a macmini sitting by unused and an aluminium cage for it in a box.

I’ll just plug the macmini in it directly and remote it when I want, I can even put on it Simplify3D and hook it up to a proper camera.

Project in progress.

Prints are staying put

Finally figured out what was wrong with my 3d printer, seems you have to wipe the bed every so often with isopropyl alcohol / nail polish remover to clear any residue otherwise your prints will leave the bed.

Plus it’s always good to upgrade from the supplied filament to something a bit better.
My personal choice is currently HatchBox¬†http://hatchbox3d.com/¬†they supply some pretty decent filament and it doesn’t cost so much, about $32 per reel on Amazon.
Just make sure you get the 1.75mm rather than the 3mm reels.
Happy printing

New year

Welcome to the new website and new adventures of my hacking with arduino’s, pi’s and building things at my local maker space.

I’m currently working on a couple of projects outside my day job of building websites and desktop software.

Here’s a couple:

  • Arduino-powered Star Lord mask for this year’s Halloween, nearly finished, code tested and working now working on power sources and then sewing it all in a comfortable housing.
  • Hydroponics system, this is a big one that I’ve had on the cards for a while.

I’ve also completed a number of other projects, I’ll post the results here shortly.

Very best.

Christopher Lee on Peter Cushing

If you’re a fan of these two wonderful actors, like I am, you’ll really enjoy this interview.

I watched so many of Christopher & Peter’s movies over the past.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr Lee in person at a book signing in London. I’d just finished work at WSP near Holborn station and decided to go to Tottenham Court Road for a stroll, by chance I walked into a book store to get a book on programming. as I was hunting around I noticed they were cordoning an area off and asked the clerk what was happening, he said Christopher Lee was arriving shortly to do book signings. Immediately I stopped what I was doing and got into the queue and waited as long as I had to to see him, I was not disappointed. My mum even phoned me to get her a copy as she was a fan too, it’s something when your mum also likes your idols.

I remember speaking to him about his movies and how much I grew up watching them again and again, he had such a presence you could tell we were two people from radically different generations, won’t forget that day and so glad luck intervened to put me there at that time.