Christopher Lee on Peter Cushing

If you’re a fan of these two wonderful actors, like I am, you’ll really enjoy this interview.

I watched so many of Christopher & Peter’s movies over the past.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr Lee in person at a book signing in London. I’d just finished work at WSP near Holborn station and decided to go to Tottenham Court Road for a stroll, by chance I walked into a book store to get a book on programming. as I was hunting around I noticed they were cordoning an area off and asked the clerk what was happening, he said Christopher Lee was arriving shortly to do book signings. Immediately I stopped what I was doing and got into the queue and waited as long as I had to to see him, I was not disappointed. My mum even phoned me to get her a copy as she was a fan too, it’s something when your mum also likes your idols.

I remember speaking to him about his movies and how much I grew up watching them again and again, he had such a presence you could tell we were two people from radically different generations, won’t forget that day and so glad luck intervened to put me there at that time.


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